COVID-19: Important Update for Summer 2020

What We Look For

The single most important human element to the activity of God at SMBC is the hard-working and dedicated high school and college students who make up our summer staff. Many of them have been SMBC campers themselves and want to make a difference in the next generation of campers. Our summer camp staffers work full days in which they lead, serve, teach, clean, counsel, do crazy skits, wash dishes—whatever’s needed to make summer camp an awesome experience for everyone else. Their ability to live out their faith in the midst of performing the most mundane and menial tasks is a model for all of us. And the relationships they build are used by God to reach the hearts of campers with the gospel.

Because of the important role our summer staff plays we are very selective in the young people we employ. Staff members are expected to be individuals who exhibit the following qualities:

  • Christian Character – maturity and consistency in one’s Christian walk
  • Teachable Spirit & the ability to submit to authority
  • Healthy/High Energy:  Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual health is a must
  • Selflessness and the ability to cooperate with others as a team

The specific duties of individual staff members are varied depending on their skill sets/training but all staff members are expected to assist with food service, housekeeping, recreation, worship, teaching, and relationship building with campers.

Staff Image

At SMBC, we think the spiritual growth and health of our staff is equally important to that of our campers. We want all staff members to grow and mature as young adults throughout the summer. Through the opportunities to practice leadership and responsibility in their roles as role models, teachers, and friends, we believe our staff will leave camp having matured in their emotional, spiritual, and mental capabilities.

We provide specific training for staff in the areas of personal spiritual development and evangelism. In addition, we have a Bible study that the entire staff engages in during the summer that involves personal and group study. We also pour into our staff through intentional mentorship from our leadership team and full time staff who meet with our summer staff throughout the summer and are always available for information and support. As is the case with our campers, we design our program to build lasting relationships among our counselors and staff that will continue on well beyond the camp gates.

Individuals desiring more information about the application process should contact