COVID-19: Important Update for Summer 2020


General Questions

Who owns the camp?

South Mountain Baptist Camp is a nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of the state of NC and an approved 501C(3) according to IRS regulations. As such, the camp is not technically owned by anyone. It is governed by a Board of Directors who set policy, approve budget, and oversee the work of the Camp Director.

How big is the camp?

The camp owns approximately 90 acres of land with facilities that can host groups up to 250 people.

Can only Baptist churches attend your camp?

SMBC encourages the use of its facilities and properties by Christian groups, denominational agencies, and collegiate organizations whose purposes and objectives are compatible with our statement of faith. At the discretion of the Director, SMBC allows non-profit groups, schools, and service organizations who agree to observe the rules and policies of SMBC to use its facilities.

Is the camp a partner with the Southern Baptist Convention?

Though the camp was begun by associations that are a part of the Baptist State Convention of NC, there are no formal legal ties to the state convention or the SBC. However the overwhelming majority of camp guests and volunteers come from Southern Baptist churches.

How is the camp funded?

The camp meets its financial obligations through a combination of donations (churches and individuals), camper fees, and rental groups. At least 1/3 of the camp budget comes through donations making it possible for us to reduce the cost of camp by approximately $100 per camper!

My church wants to help the camp out. Who should we talk to?

We appreciate churches that wish to partner with us to make camp the best place it can be! If you are interested in financially supporting the camp, contact Al or Mischia Tinnin. If your church wants to help with projects around camp, contact Caleb Siniard.

I have never been to SMBC before: can I come see the camp?

Yes! We love to make new friends to show them what we have available to help serve their group. Call Guest Services at 828-437-8788 to schedule a tour. Please note: for camper safety, we do not schedule tours during programmed events.

Summer Camp Questions - Parents

How do I know my child is okay if there is no cell phone service?

Although cell phone service is limited, there is a landline phone available. The camp number is 828-437-8788. If there is an emergency that takes place concerning your child, his/her chaperone will be able to contact you as soon as possible.

Do I need to send money to camp with my child?

There is a camp store that is open to campers in the afternoons and evenings. The store has ice cream, snacks, slushies, etc. available for campers to purchase, as well as camp and Christian memorabilia. Our camp also takes up a mission offering to assist with various mission opportunities including Youth Mission Camp.

What does my child need to pack for camp?

The following are items we recommend to pack for camp: bedding (sleeping bag and/or twin sheets and blanket), toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, towels for bath and pool, washcloth, etc.), clothes (play clothes, pajamas, underwear, socks/shoes, flip flops, jacket/rain coat, swimsuit), Bible, notebook, pen/pencil, flashlight, money, medication (MUST BE IN ADULT CHAPERONE POSSESSION). Optional items campers can bring: snacks, fishing pole, insect repellent, sun block lotion, games, cards.

Is there any way that I can communicate with my child while they are at camp?

We ask that the camp phone (828-437-8788) only be used as an emergency contact. Mail may be sent to your camper to the camp address or using our Bunk1 e-mail system.

My church doesn’t come to camp. Can my child still attend?

Unfortunately, our system doesn’t provide for individual camper registration. On occasion, we may be able to put you in touch with a neighboring church that might be willing to include your child with their group.

My child is too old to attend camp- can they still attend anyway?

Our children’s camps are designed for children who have just completed 1st-6th grade. If you have a child that is slightly older, please contact the camp about the possibility of that child being in attendance with your church. While we would love for older children who love camp to attend camp, we want to make it a priority that there are enough spots available for those children that are of camp-age first and foremost.

I need to pick my child up early or drop my child off late to camp. What do I need to do?

You should tell the church chaperone what time a pick-up/drop-off needs to take place. Since only registered guests/staff are allowed on camp property, you will need to meet one of your child’s chaperones at the front gate for drop off or pickup.

How is your summer staff chosen?

Our summer staff consist of 20-25 teens/young adults, many of whom have been campers previously. Each staff must have the recommendation of their pastor or student pastor.

Does your staff have to complete a background check?

Yes. All adults, both staff and chaperones, must complete a background check before being able to be on camp property.

Are there lifeguards at the pool?

Yes. We have at least two certified lifeguards on duty while the pool is open.

Do you accommodate for food allergies?

Our kitchen accommodates for gluten-free campers. If there are other special dietary restrictions, the parent or chaperone should email our Assistant Cook, Heather Weaklend.

Summer Camp Questions – Church Group Leaders

How many chaperones does my church need to bring?

We require the church provide 1 adult per every 6 students for most of our camps.   Youth Mission Camp requires a 1 adult per 5 student ratio.  For Day Camp a 1 adult per 8 students is acceptable.  Coed chaperones are required for coed groups for all overnight camps.
*Help! I can’t find enough chaperones!
If you do not have enough chaperones to attend a whole week of camp, you should contact adults in your church about splitting a week of camp. For example, a chaperone may only be available to attend Monday-Wednesday, and another may be able to attend Wednesday-Friday. For the safety of your campers, you must have the required number of chaperones at all times.

I am a chaperone and I have a baby and/or toddler: can I bring them to camp?

We understand that sometimes it is necessary for church staff members and /or chaperones to have to bring their younger children. Adults may bring babies and/or toddlers. Children ages Birth-2 years old have a charge of $30, and children ages 3-5 years-old have a charge of $75. Additionally, all children ages five and under should be taken out of chapel during the message (after music) in order to minimize the distractions for the other campers in attendance. We appreciate your cooperation with this request.

Where will my group be housed for our week of camp?

We have 7 church cabins that are set up much like a house.  We also have several bunkhouses with private bedrooms and community bath houses.  Housing assignments are made by order of deposit and with group size, handicap accessibility, and cabin sponsorships in mind.  You will receive your specific cabin assignment in advance to help you plan your week of camp.

Do you have a map of the facilities?

Yes- updated map available soon.

Can I drive my car on property?

For the safety of our campers, we ask adults to not drive their vehicles. Individuals are walking on all roads on our property, so minimizing the use of vehicles minimizes the chances of an accident occurring.

Can I bring a golf cart for my older chaperones to ride around on?

If you have an individual in your group with special needs in your group who is not able to travel around the property on foot, we do allow golf carts to be brought to accommodate their needs.  Unfortunately, we do not have golf carts for rent at this time.

Retreat/Rental Groups

Can I program my own camp?

Our facilities are available for rental for churches and organizations to program their own camps. Please contact the camp if you wish to do so. Please note: our camp is not available for rental during our programmed summer camp weeks.

What is included with the general lodging rate?

While attending our camp for your retreat, you have access to your reserved cabin, our recreation field, basketball court, outdoor chapel, fire pits(wood provided), and game room.

Can I do activities (archery, mountain boards, BB guns) or use the pool for my retreat?

Archery, mountain boards, and BB guns are available for your group for a fee of $25/church group for a 45-minute period. Our pool is open June-August. You may contact Guest Services about the pool usage and pricing.

Can I use the chapel for my retreat?

The chapel may be used for your retreat, upon request. For group sizes of less than 50 people, there is a $50/day charge.

Can we use your chapel’s sound system and/or projector?

If you need access to our sound system or projector, you must request to do so and must meet with Mary Siniard and/or Sara Cromer in advance.

My church is large and we want to do our own meals: can we use the dining hall or retreat center kitchen?

Both of these kitchens are required to meet and maintain NC Health Department standards and are annually inspected. Therefore, we require that any meals prepared from these kitchens be supervised by a member of our Food Service staff.


The weather is supposed to be hot/cold while my child is there: is there heating and air conditioning in your buildings?

Yes! All of our facilities have air conditioning (whether central or window units) for our summer camp season. During retreat season (August-May), only lodging facilities with central heating and air conditioning are available to rent. The dining hall, chapel, and retreat center all have central heating and air conditioning as well.

Can my church sponsor a cabin?

We love for churches to get on board to improve our facilities. If your church is interested in sponsoring a particular project or facility, they should contact Caleb Siniard.

If my church sponsors a cabin, are we guaranteed to stay there when we attend camp?

We appreciate your church’s partnership with the camp, and will make every effort to place your group in the cabin you sponsor if your reservations are made by January 15.  If your group size is different from your cabin’s capacity, we will call to discuss possible arrangements.