COVID-19: Important Update for Summer 2020

Camp Registration

How to register for camp

Step 1: Make your tentative reservation.

You may do so by filling out the Summer Camp Reservation Form online here, calling the camp at 828-437-8788, or e-mailing guest services. Be sure to have your church name, contact name, the week of camp you’re requesting, and the expected number of camp attendees ready.

Step 2: Confirm your reservation.

To confirm your spot at camp we must recieve a completed Summer Camp Reservation Form along with a $55/person deposit ($75/person de-posit for youth mission camp; $25/person deposit for day camp) within 2 weeks of making your tentative reservation.

Please note that this deposit is not refundable and deposits made are per each camper fee.

Step 3: Turn in your final numbers.

Submit the Final Numbers Form by May 15th if you are attending camp in June or by June 30th if you are attending camp in July or August. This form lets us know your boy/girl breakdown for cabin/bunkhouse assignments, as well as informing us of the needed t-shirt sizes and grade level devotion books for your group. Having this form turned in is the only way to guarantee your group gets correct t-shirt sizes!

Step 4: Turn in your final papers and payment.

If possible, please send in your final payment, Chaperone Approval Form, Camp Roster, and Medical Release Forms (for both children and adults attending) 2 weeks before you arrive. Having these forms in before you arrive allows for the registration process upon your arrival to go a lot more quickly!

Step 5: Enjoy Camp!

If your camp begins on a Monday or Tuesday, you should arrive between 2:00pm – 4:00pm. If your camp begins on a Sunday, you should plan to arrive between 3:00pm – 5:00pm.

Forms Checklist

  1. Reservation Form (with deposit)
  2. Final Numbers Form
  3. Chaperone Approval Form (one for each chaperone)
  4. Final Camp Roster Form
  5. Medical Release Form (one for each child and adult attending)