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2023 Summer Registration

December 1, 2022Returning Churches

January 1, 2023Public Registration

2023 Summer Camp Schedule

Week 1 - Children's Camp
(1st-6th Graders)
Dates: June 12th - June 16th
(5 Days/4 Nights: Mon-Fri)
$195/person (Deposit: $55*)
Speaker: Duane Brown
Week 2 - Children's Camp
(1st-6th Graders)
Dates: June 19th - June 23rd
(5 Days/4 Nights: Mon-Fri)
$195/person (Deposit: $55*)
Speaker: Duane Brown
Week 3 - Children's Camp
(1st-6th Graders)
Dates: June 25th - June 28th
(4 Days/3 Nights: Sun-Wed)
$160/person (Deposit: $55*)
Speaker: Clayton Poland
Week 4 - Children's Camp
(1st-6th Graders)
Dates: June 28th - July 1st
(4 Day/3 Night: Wed-Sat)
$160/person (Deposit: $55*)
Speaker: Clayton Poland
Week 5 - Youth Mission Camp
(6th-12th Graders)
Dates: July 9th - July 14th
(6 Days/5 Nights: Sun-Fri)
$250/person (Deposit: $75*)
Speaker: Joseph McMurry
Week 6 - Day Camp
(K-2nd Graders)
Dates: July 11th-13th
(3 Days: Tues-Thurs)
$50/person (Deposit: $25*)
Speaker: TBA
Week 7 - Youth Camp
(6th-12th Graders)
Dates: July 17th - July 21st
(5 Days/4 Nights: Mon-Fri)
$210/person (Deposit: $75*)
Speaker: Trey Bradley
Week 8 - Children's Camp
(1st-6th Graders)
Dates: July 24th - July 28th
(5 Days/4 Nights: Mon-Fri)
$195/person (Deposit: $55*)
Speaker: Shane Wilbanks
Week 9 - Children's Camp
(1st-6th Graders)
Dates: July 31st - August 4th
(5 Days/4 Nights: Mon-Fri)
$195/person (Deposit: $55*)
Speaker: Shane Wilbanks
Week 10 - Co-Ed Camp
(1st-12th Graders)
Dates: August 6th - August 10th
(5 Days/4 Nights: Sun-Thurs)
$195/person (Deposit: $55*)
Speaker: Shane Wilbanks

Deposits and Chaperones

*Deposits are not refundable, and one deposit applies to one camper fee.
Both campers and chaperones pay the same rate.

Church chaperones are required at a ratio of at least 1 adult per 6 students.
Youth Mission Camp requires at least 1 adult per 5 students.
Coed groups require coed chaperones for all overnight camps.
Chaperones must have a background check on file with your church and be approved by your pastor.

Your chaperones are responsible for supervising your group.
Most of our camps are fully programmed and activities are staffed so that your adults can participate with your group and focus on building relationships with your campers.
Youth Mission Camp chaperones are also responsible for helping transport and supervise students on mission sites.

Camp Activities

Quiet Time

Each camper is provided with a quiet time booklet specially written for their grade level and this summer’s camp theme. Remember to keep using your books after you get back home!

Group Recreation

Each morning campers participate in fun, theme-related games that build camaraderie and get them up and moving!

Bible Study

Campers are divided into age appropriate Bible Studies for the week. They are able to learn, see, and experience God’s Word in unique ways that help them remember truth for a lifetime. Church counselors are not required to attend Bible Study, so they get a little breathing time here!

Delicious & Kid Friendly Meals

Our meals are planned with child favorites and nutrition in mind. If you have special dietary needs, please contact us in advance to plan!

Chapel Services

Chapel begins with music and motions, led by the camp staff. The staff also share their personal testimonies, and often perform a skit. Chapel speakers include pastors and evangelists who, depending on the age group of campers, communicate Biblical truth through stories, illusions, puppets, juggling, skits, and more. Each speaker makes sure the Gospel is clearly presented in a memorable way that will change lives.

Church Group Time

Each evening, your church group has time together for devotions. One of our staff will be happy to help you with this time if you want them too. We also offer devotion suggestions that are theme related. But, you know your kids best! This is your time.

Afternoon Activities

In the afternoons church groups will be able to go swimming for half of the afternoon and pick an activity for the other half. There should also be a little downtime to catch your breath! Activity options include:

Crafts • Speed Stacking • Kickball • Basketball • Mountain Boarding • Traverse Climbing Wall • Gaga Ball • Human Foosball • Horseshoes • Fishing • Volley Ball • R & R • Gameroom: air hockey, foosball, gockey, carpet ball, ping pong

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Evening Activities

During children’s camp we have a talent show one evening and a campfire service the last night. Both of these activities occur after evening chapel.

During youth mission week, we have a variety of late night activities. Previous summers have included food packing parties for missions, concerts, improv, square dancing, late night swimming, movies, etc.