COVID-19: Important Update for Summer 2020

Reference Form

Dear Friend,
A person you know has applied for a position on our summer staff at South Mountain Baptist Camp and has selected you as a personal reference. Your confidential evaluation of this individual will help us in our hiring process to find staff members who are dedicated in their Christian walk, good role models, and able and willing to care for others. We are particularly interested in the applicant’s personal Christian faith, character, maturity, integrity, independence, value system, special interests and talents. Reservations, concerns or doubts about the applicant working closely with children and youth ages 6-18 in a camp setting are also important to us. A negative (or honest) response to the form below will not necessarily exclude the applicant from being hired, but will rather allow us to interview the applicant in a manner that will help us best decide whether they are right for service in our particular ministry. We will keep your reference in STRICT CONFIDENCE. Thank you!