COVID-19: Important Update for Summer 2020

2020 Camp Reservation

Be sure to have your church name, contact name, the week of camp you’re requesting, and the expected number of camp attendees ready.

  • Church Information

  • Contact Information

  • Camp Information

  • Designed For: 1st-6th Graders
  • Designed For: 1st-12th Graders
  • Designed For: 6th-12th Graders
  • Designed For: K-2nd Graders
  • Number of campers attending

    *Note: Chaperones are required at a ratio of 1 adult per 6 campers. Coed groups require coed chaperones.
  • Deposit Information

  • A $55 deposit per person (campers & chaperones) is required to confirm your reservation. This deposit is NOT refundable under ANY circumstance. Deposits are $75 for youth week. Deposits may be made with check or money order payable to:

    South Mountain Baptist Camp, 3558 Baptist Camp Rd., Connelly Springs, NC 28612
  • I have read, understand, and agree to all policies in the registration booklet & on this form. Download complete 2020 Camp Registration Packet here.